With the run up to the May 2015 elections in ‘Great’ Britain, we are being constantly reminded that we have to vote to ‘make a difference’… But whether you vote Conservative, Labour or even UKIP, are any of them really ‘different’?                                         With all their main policies being based around EU membership and immigration which is causing further tensions within the races in Britain, the politics parties which are meant to represent me continue to decline to speak about ‘other’ issues such as racial equality, employment and wage rises, foreign policy in the Middle East, the decline in living standards for the impoverished and most importantly, the drastic gap developing between the rich and poor in Britain.                              I sniggered the other day when my working class mother sat down next me during a Nigel Farage interview and said to me ‘I’m voting for this man, he represents me’… Modern day British politics has actually fooled my own mother into believing the biggest issue at the current time is immigration. Immigration is not the cause of no jobs prospects, it is primarily due to the lack of funds available to businesses to either find a business start up or keep the business working. While small businesses slowly die out, large corporations such as Morrisons, BP, Starbucks etc. are becoming the only shops available on our high streets. These businesses such as Starbucks, William Hill and Amazon have their main headquarters in countries OUTSIDE of Britain, in countries such as Gibraltar and Luxembourg which have very low tax rates. So while people like my mother who believe ‘immigrants’ are ‘stealing jobs’ and sending the money abroad which is draining the country, they fail to see how much of their own money is being laundered out of their country to low-tax countries which means less tax invested into British hospitals, businesses etc. So before you go out on May 10th to vote, please remember it does not matter which party you vote for, you are voting to keep a corruption system to rule and exploit you.